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      Hi everybody.... some times we need to express our feeling towards others...
      ...I have a very Special Friend... My Friend is so dear to me. And I just love My Friend so.

      My Friend listens to me carefully, and lets me share my soul. My Friend helps me on my way with life. My Friend wants me to be whole. My Friend lets me tell anything. My Friend shares fears with me. It seems as though we've known each other years 'n years 'n years.

      My Friend treats me like I'm valuable. Because My Friend thinks it's true. I can go and seek thoughts - when I don't know what to do. And I can tell My Friend that I've sinned - And hurt my Lord above. Yet My Friend will not condemn me - But will cover it with Love.

      How wondrous is this Friendship. How precious to My Soul. How fine it feels to have a Friend - Who wants me to be whole.

      ّ||| الفـرسـان لخدمات الحاسب الالي ||| ّ
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      A friend is someone who cares
      Someone who is always there

      A friend is someone special
      Someone who you can tell everything

      A friend is someone who will never betray you
      No matter who doesn't like you

      A friend is someone you can trust
      Someone kind of like you


      Very nice poem dear bro Ghasan of friendship
      thanks alot for it & waiting for your next participations
    • A pretty poem of friendShip Gashan

      Well, recently i find my best friend
      At the begining i considered her as a close friend like many other friends but i discoverd that she is the most one who cares about me. She except me as i am while other friend tried many time to put me in the way they want, so they didn't at all understand me.However, my best friend is the only one who treated me as I am in reality and she undersatnds me well and shares the same interestings of mine as I do in the opposite. So, I think the real friend is the one who understand you well and know if you are happy or sad even if she or he is away from you.

      See u all