Plz read it

    • I know you will respond

      What if, Allah couldn't take the time to bless us today because we couldn't take the time to thank Him yesterday

      What if Allah decided to stop leading us tomorrow because we didnt follow Him today

      What if, we never saw another flower bloom because we
      grumbled when Allah sent the Rain

      What if Allah didn't walk with us today because we failed to
      recognize it as His day

      What if, Allah took away the Quran tomorrow because we wouldn't read it today

      What if,Allah took away His message because we failed to listen to the messenger

      What if, the door of the Mosque was closed because we didn't the door for us today

      What if, Allah stopped loving and caring for us because we failed to love and care for others

      What if, Allah would not hear us today because we would not listen to Him

    • Nice replying coming only form responsible and caring people. My friends and users if any one of us write here by English that mean we are know how to use, write, read and as well speaking English. English is not a difficult language we escape from it. If any one of you found difficult to read or to understand what we wrote just reply by Arabic. I can tell him/her the meaning of message . may be some of you seeing me write by Arabic and this day I changed my behaviour just want change the routine only and made something different then write about the love, missing, etc
      Dearest, try to understand what we write here. Have a good time
    • Salam

      b4 every thing u have 2 know that my English is not verey well

      but i can understand some words

      then I would like to thank u 4 ur topic but u have 2 know that as my colleauge Najmah said there is no english Saha ..and it is very difficult to write in english in this area .. except if u translat it 2 arabic

      and Najmah knows that ..coz of that u can see her poems her in English are translated 2 arabic

      thanx again and about ur topic i can say


      bro ... take care ... keep up your smile


    • Salaam all specially my brother BRIMAWAI
      By the way, I know this place is not for English and when I going through the site all topics are Arabic. Why we don’t change our topic or making something change. Dear all English language is international language and every one should know how to read, how to spelling and how to write. Plz don’t blame the language or me. Blame your self first. I think all of us went to school so that mean. We studded English. Then also I don’t have Arabic keyboard to use or write by it. Why there is one problem with me. If any one of you wanna the problem just write a private massage to BRIMAWAI he knows me very well.

    • سلامـــــــــــــــــــــــــي

      أخي العزيز الطيب

      The problem is that we are not allowed to write any thing her in English ... because this area i mean the Art area is just for Arabic Language and the aim is to improve the arabic (not Local arabic) for all ppl who are participating and cooperating with us ... because all of us need this ...

      But we can write in English then translate it 2 arabic this is the roles bro and we cant do any thing except ask the manager of the Saha 2 open new Saha for English ...

      bro sorry to bother u ... but u mentioned some thing which is not time to say it and it is not our topic

      u said to Bremawi that all of us studied English in School and the problem is on us not school ... this is other topic and we have disscused it b4 in Education Saha

      c bro as u said that the problem is on us ... but also the shcool is sharing with us the problem ... right now i cant discussed this topic with u caz this is not the right place and time ... let u open topic in education area and discussed it ther it will b beter

      What i can say that we know what is our rights in this area (ART SAHA) ... I will ask u to do some thing or 1 thing ..which is 2 c how many ppl replyed 2 ur topic (English) and how many visit it .. in this ART SAHA ppl are interisted to read arabic and i will c it with the Boss if u interest to open English area and belive me i will try 2 b 1st one who will participate ther ok:p

      ur sisooo ..... Najmat 3ashiq:)
    • أخي العزيز .... الساحه بها كيبورد عربي ... تستطيع إستعماله ... وهذا عنوانه

      تجده في صوره اليد بالأعلى .. فقط انسخ والصق ... بعد الكتابه

      ولم نمانع اخي ان تكتب موضوعا في الأنجليزي لكن ان تترجم ... انا اقدر ان ارد عليك واجاريك في الأنجليزي ولكن غيري اخي ..تعرف ان االإغلبيه هنا طلاب مراحل الثانويه.. او الأعداديه .. لك شكري وتستطيع الكتابه ولكن ان تترجم من الأنجليزيه إلى العربي