The Hungry Lion Still Waiting...

    • The Hungry Lion Still Waiting...

      Thank u Mr T'ayyib
      First i want to tell you what khalifa Ali Bin Abi T'alib said
      to one of the Jew who was challenging Muslims
      by saying that he is a Hero, The jew's name: Marhab

      Ali Bin Abi Talib Said:
      انا الذي سمتني أمي حيدرا (أسدا)
      كليث غاب كريه المنظرا
      أكيلهم بالسيف كيل السندرا

      And they started fighteng
      It didn't take a while before Ali divided him into two.!!!i
      see this????i
      This is what i want to be
      And I pray to be like this Muslim Hero
      Who do not fear death in behalf of his religion
      Imagine Imagine Imagine
      How would we be if we were like these types of people
      Waiting sooon..........$$d $$A :( :cool: :p ;) :) :D
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