Whose Fault is it?

    • Whose Fault is it?

      Why do we sometimes blame one another for our own mistakes; and sometimes blame ourselves for others mistakes?

      Is it because we lack the sense of responsibility?
      Or maybe confidence?
      Or it might be because we are brought up without being taught the way or the importance of studying ourselves, others, situations we get encountered with, the outcomes and how to benefit from failures?
      Could be fear of bad consequences to happen?
      Could be fear of penalty?
      Could be fear of possibility that others will look down at us?
      Is it to do with fear of losing someone or perhaps your own self or maybe something very important like a job, for instance?

      Well it’s something that keeps me wonder a lot about. Yet for different circumstances I get a different reason. However, most of the time I try to avoid blaming others and blame it over myself instead. Not because am weak in my personality, but to learn from each fault I get involved in for a better future of my life.

      I believe we must learn to admit mistakes if we commit them. We must take responsibility to others mistakes as well, because we could be the reason to their inadequacies. We must learn to be brave to stand up again, .”..because failure is not the falling down but the staying down” (Mary Pickford). We must learn to reunite and be the one for all and all for one. Life is harder when we don’t find the “SOMEONE” to hold our hands. In contrast, it is so nice when we know that we have a lot to give others when are in need. Thus we should stand besides each other even on our weaknesses, for support, help, and regain of strength. Most importantly, learn to be careful and watchful.

      Let us exchange experiences, direct one another to better paths and always consider second chances. Humans are created inadequate anyway, they always have the tendency to commit mistakes and forget. The point overall is that we all are same.

      Thank you for reading through my contribution.
      don’t mind my English.

      God’s blessings.
    • Thank you dear amalsami

      I guess if we ever blame one another for our own mistakes; and sometimes blame ourselves for others mistakes then it is down to all the reasons you mentioned. We are living a very sophisticated life, an easy and simple life and it is us complicating things

      I would like to add one more thing to what you have already mentioned and it is that we have to learn how to apologize, and how to say "sorry", and how easy and what effects this simple word could do in our lives

      We all make mistakes with or without intention, so why hiding it and blaming others? and by the end of the day shshshshs who cares

      Go for it, who do not make things are those doing nothing at all, them negative people....work and learn, mke mistakes and learn not to repeat them again and again and learn hoe to apologize and say sorry and see how life can be interesting

      Thank you dear amalsami hoping to see you again and again


    • dear amalsami, sorry for being late.. i was busy a bit

      to comment on your topic, i've been in the situation where i used to defend myself whenever i do mistakes but i wouldnt blame others though. My mother always used to tell me that i never admit my msitakes and i realised that i had to change that habit. i left her for quite a long time, few years and im not that person any more i guess. But sometimes she tries to tell me that i dont admit my mistakes and i do right in front of her. She still has the idea of me not admitting my mistakes. Yeah i've learned from life how to apologize, even if it's something simple, apologize, you never know if you are going to be alive in the next minute, at least die in peace

      probably people would blame others because they dont want to look as the person who did a mistake, maybe because they feel shy or embaressed to look so? maybe it's just the love of blaming others. sometimes people find it as a hobby

      yeah, the most dofficult things human beings can say them and mean them are: i love you, im sorry and help me. I found that in one of the emails i received lately and i liked it, it's so true

      people wont know if they are blaming others until we tell them. trust me, it's our duty to let people know what they are doing. it may not change the whole thing, but at least a bit of it

      thanks amalsami and i wonder how many people out there keep on blaming each other? it's a sick life
    • Hi everyone
      Thank u all for contributing here, and sorry for i took long to reply

      well what u guys have mentioned is exactly what i ment to convay.

      E.Nawar; be proud of yourself since you have changed something in yourself into better. Yet assure that it does take long for others to realize it or belive it. Dont lose hope specially on your close ones, and just work through making a better person of yourself, gradually things will change as well. We all are going through the same phases.

      thank you all again.

      my regards

    • Dear amalsami

      you are excused and you dont have to be sorry for anything, we all have work to do and keeps us away for a while..

      Yeah, indeed Im proud of myself to the extent I still think that I need to fix many things. At the same time, I cant shut up when I see the close ones doing the same mistake. I'd bear taking the bitter taste for taking responsibility of my mistakes, but I dont want my close ones to do the same thing because I dont want them to feel the way I did..

      We all need to change, because the world is changing in every second. We seen many things around us and we have to learn from the very simplest things.. Most importantly, how long can we last in changing ourselves?? How long do we want to stay in bettering ourselves and fix our mistakes?? Is it really our total responsibility to do that?? or does others take a bit of that responsibility to advise us?? many questions that we can think of and may not be able to find any answers to them

    • Hi all

      we shouldnt forget that whenever we do mistakes and we admit that poeple (some of them only) got impressed and proud of us

      apart from that we must say sorry or any other words to appolgise whenever we do mistake

      thanks brother for bringging this nice topic to discuss

      take care
    • amalsami كتب:

      E. Nawar

      your quiries all answered above. Take a moment to look at it again and think about it.


      amalsami, those were not queries.. these are questions that their answer would vary from one another, these are question that would be direct to all of us.. I dont need to know the answers of those questions unless it's about me only..

      I have the answers of the questions if we are going to talk about me as a person only.. but to others, that's a question that I will always have in my mind..

    • Dear sister, Elajooz Nawar

      what i precisly ment is that the sort of quiries or qustions (as u like) that u had is somewhat like the ones i have and others do as well...!!

      those on their own are answers that dont necesserily need more answers... having thought that way gives a person a whole lot of it.

      Baisically, am with you not opposing you

      it's really nice discussing with you